2 September 2002. Los Angeles Cathedral, Our Lady of the Angels, which is being dedicated this week.


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Los Angeles Cathedral

A new cathedral in Los Angeles is being dedicated this week.

I came across a story about it on CNN and had a look at it on wonderful web site, which I have linked to.

I am particularly impressed by the new ambo, where the readings are proclaimed. The description has:

"... The main body of the approximately 1500 pound ambo is constructed from jarrah wood specially ordered from Australia. The exterior is accented with deep red bloodwood, sometimes called cardinal wood or satine.

The steel internal working mechanism of the ambo is fully mechanical, not electrical, so that it can last five hundred years with minimal maintenance. The initial mechanical design was based on Tortorelli's thought that if he were able to build something similar to the scales of justice, he would be able to raise or lower the tables with little effort. ..."

I was reminded of a book by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony, which I bought a few years ago: "Gather Faithfully Together: Guide for Sunday Mass". I found it an encouraging book. He wrote in 1997:

"... Through this Letter, I want to set the direction for the way we Los Angeles Catholics approach the Jubilee Year 2000. We will have this one central work to do: to carry forward the renewal of Sunday Liturgy with vigor and joy (cf. John 16:22 - 24, 17:13).

At the start it must be clear: This will not be one task among many. It will be the task of these next three years. Further, I do not see it as the narrow responsibility of the Office for Worship or the liturgy and music leaders in each parish. The tasks I set forth here are meant to unite the above persons with so many others in religious education, initiation, youth ministry, justice and outreach, and above all, the entire assembly that is this great Archdiocese and this is incarnate in the parish assemblies Sunday by Sunday. ..."

I think this is the right priority and expect the new cathedral will contribute to this.

At St Patricks in Melbourne yesterday it was pleasing to be standing for the Kyrie and Gloria again. It was "The Annual Footy Mass" with two football celebrities doing the readings: Neale Danaher and Paul Dimattina. Hopefully there will be progress in people understanding that this ministry of reading at Mass should be done by an instituted lector, when available, like myself.

By J.R. Lilburne, 2 September 2002, updated 23 December 2002. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.

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