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2129 Thu 2 Aug 2001

Here are a few recent experiences about law and order.

Today I had a light stolen from my bike while it was at the station. I think it will cost me about $50 to replace. I think it will also mean that I will need to carry a bag and remove the lights each day.

Yesterday I got a $50 parking fine. The ticket has "Offence: For period longer than indicated - Road Rule 205". I had put $5 in the meter during the morning and it had not expired, but it seems I am fined for parking there for over 2 hours. The car park at Catholic Theological College was full when I arrived, but I was able to park there for the afternoon for $6.60. So I am saving lots by riding a bike and getting the train most days.

I had a class last night, so I was only able to see the end of Archbishop Hart's installation mass. There was a huge crowd and lots of people were given $60 fines for parking in places they should not have.

In the last few days the papers have had photos about a meeting of police. The were voting about work bans if they do not get a pay increase. Part of the bans would be on fines, which would have a big impact on revenue.

Today I went to the cathedral and read a booklet from the Mass last night. A lady did one of the readings. Women cannot be instituted as lectors. So the instituted lectors who were available from the seminary were not used. I am convinced this is a breach of the Church's liturgical law and Canon 230.

Despite the cost to me I am in favor of law and order. I think Road Rule 205 which I broke should be made clearer with signs. But I accept that I broke it and so should pay. The same with the people who parked in the wrong place. I am more concerned about break downs in law and order. This applies to my light being stolen and the right of instituted lectors, to read, not being upheld.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 2 August 2001.