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South Brisbane Parish

It has been widely reported that parish of South Brisbane has agreed to use the correct baptismal formula, instead of "Creator, Liberator and Sustainer".

But other problems with the liturgy are revealed in a photo by Adam Smith. It was published in The Courier Mail on 4 December 2004, page 33, with the headline "Playing by the book".

It has not been published on the internet, so a brief description: from above the congregation is seen standing encircling an altar, with most of them holding hands. So I guess it would be at the time of the Our Father, with the Body and Blood of Christ on the altar.

The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) is not followed in these respects:

1. Candle. The altar has only one candle, there should be 2, 4 or 6. (1975 GIRM 79, 2002 GIRM 117).

2. No altar cloth, "The altar is to be covered with at least one cloth." (1975 GIRM 79, 2002 GIRM 117).

3. No corporal, the cloth the bread and wine should have been placed on. (1975 GIRM 102-103, 2002 GIRM 141-142).

4. Glass chalice, contrary to the 2004 Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, n. 117.

5. No Roman Missal on the altar, instead there is a booklet. (1975 GIRM 49, 2002 GIRM 73).

6. No alb or chasuble on the priest. He has a short stole, to about the waist, over a shirt and trousers. (1975 GIRM 81, 2002 GIRM 119).

7. No sanctuary, i.e. no area marked off from the body of the church for the priest and ministers. (1975 GIRM 258, 2002 GIRM 295).

All this is clear from a single photo published in a newspaper.

Archbishop Bathersby is quoted in the article by Bernadette Condren: "They celebrate mass in a most unusual fashion. In other words, it's not according to the book."

By J.R. Lilburne, 8 December, 2004. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.

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