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Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

On 11 May 2006 there was a restructing from 19 committees to 12 commissions. The membership of them is listed below, with the chairman first:

Doctrine and Morals
Cardinal George Pell, Bishop Mark Coleridge, Bishop Christopher Prowse, Bishop Anthony Fisher
Bishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop Kevin Manning, Bishop Peter Ingham, Archbishop Hart
[Update 7 October 2006, new liturgy committee noticed at www.acbc.catholic.org.au/bc/liturgy/index.asp 

Chairman:  Bishop Myles McKeon
Secretary:  Archbishop Mark Benedict Coleridge
Member:  Archbishop Adrian L Doyle
Member:  Bishop Christopher C Prowse
Member:  Bishop Brian Heenan

Major changes, end of update.]

Mission and Faith Formation
Archbishop John Bathersby, Bishop David Walker, Bishop Joe Grech, Bishop A. Abikaram

Catholic Education
Bishop Gerard Holohan, Bishop James Foley, Bishop David Walker, Bishop Toohey
Pastoral Life
Bishop Eugene Hurley, Bishop Jeremiah Coffey, Bishop Justin Bianchini, Bishop Joe Grech, Bishop Gerard Hanna, Bishop Max Davis
Relations with Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders
Archbishop Barry Hickey, Bishop Brian Heenan, Bishop Christopher Saunders, Bishop Christopher Prowse
Justice and Service
Bishop Christopher Toohey, Bishop Patrick Power, Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Bishop Christopher Saunders, Bishop Oudeman, Bishop Max Davis
Church  Ministry
Bishop Michael Malone, Bishop Brian Heenan, Bishop William Morris, Bishop Luc Matthys, Bishop Donald Sproxton, Bishop Brian Finnigan
Archbishop Adrian Doyle, Bishop Daniel Eugene Hurley, Bishop Julian Porteous
Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations
Bishop Michael Putney, Bishop Kevin Manning, Bishop Issam Darwish, Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett

Canon Law
Bishop Peter Connors, Bishop Patrick Power, Bishop Brian Finnigan
Administration and Information
Archbishop Denis Hart, Bishop William Morris, Bishop Luc Matthys, Bishop Gerard Hanna

By J.R. Lilburne, 31 May, 2006. Updated 7 October 2006. I give what I have written on this page to the public domain.

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