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277. As a rule, the communicants approach in procession. The faithful are not permitted to take up the consecrated bread or the sacred chalice themselves, and still less to hand them on to one another. (IG 160).

278. The faithful may communicate either standing or kneeling, as established by the Conference of Bishops. When the faithful communicate standing it is recommended that they make a gesture of reverence, laid down by the Conference of Bishops, before receiving the Sacrament. (IG 160).

279. According to CB 71, "those who pass before the blessed sacrament genuflect, except when they are walking in procession". It would therefore seem inappropriate to introduce the genuflection into the communion procession as the gesture of reverence.

280. When communion is given only in the form of bread, the priest raises it saying The body of Christ. The communicants reply Amen. They receive the sacrament as they choose, either on the tongue or in the hand (where this is allowed). The sacred host is consumed in its entirety as soon as it is received (IG 161).

281. For Mass with only one minister, without a congregation, there are special instructions in IG 268: If the minister is not to receive communion, the priest does not say This is the Lamb of God .... Instead he just says inaudibly Lord, I am not worthy ...



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