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Alleluia or Verse Before the Gospel

165. If there is a second reading, there may be time to reflect on it, so the faithful should not stand directly after it. Either they should be told to stand for the Alleluia or they should stand when the singing begins.

166. According to IG 62, the Alleluia (or other verse before the Gospel) is sung by all standing, led by either the choir or a cantor, and if appropriate, it may be repeated. The verse itself is sung either by the choir or by the cantor (IG 62).

167. According to LM 23 "The Alleluia or verse before the gospel must be sung and during it all stand." Similarly in CB 140 "When the Alleluia begins, everyone ... stands."

168. Outside Lent, the Alleluia is sung. During Lent, the verse before the Gospel is sung. Both may be taken from the Lectionary or the Graduale.

169. According to IG 63, when there is only one reading before the Gospel, the Alleluia, or the verse before the gospel "may be omitted if it is not sung". This could always be done according to GIRM 39, but IG 63 now only allows this when there is only one reading before the Gospel.



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