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Entrance Song or Antiphon

82. According to IG 43, the faithful should stand from the beginning of the opening song or when the priest enters.

83. Songs should be sung during the following processions: the entrance, the Gospel, presentation of the gifts, and communion (IG 44). According to IG 47, the entrance song begins as the priest comes in, to accompany the procession.

84. According to IG 48, the entrance song may be sung by the choir alone, the people or alternately. Sung "alternately" is by the choir and people, or by the cantor and people. The song is to have the text approved by the Conference of Bishops, or be from the Gradulae Romanum or The Simple Gradual.

85. According to DMC 32, "recorded music may also be used in Masses with children, in accord with norms established by the conferences of bishops".

86. If there is no singing, the Entrance Antiphon from the Missal is recited by the faithful, by some of them, by the reader, or by the celebrant (IG 48). The celebrant may incorporate the Entrance Antiphon into his introductory remarks.



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