Decree of Substitution - from three judges to five (from Acta Processus, In Causa Lilburne - Dowling, 301 00 165, First Instance, Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Victoria and Tasmania, page 53):







Decree of Substitution of Tribunal

On 7 December 2000, a turnus of three judges was constituted to hear the above-named case of rights.

Since this case is one that can be classified as of greater importance, it is considered by the judges already constituted that it would be better if the case were to be judged by a turnus of five judges.

Accordingly, by virtue of the provisions of can. 1425, I hereby replace the tribunal constituted on 7 December 2000 with the following collegiate tribunal:

Very Reverend Ian B. Waters, Judical Vicar

Reverend Kevin W. McIntosh

Reverend John J. Salvano

Reverend James Clarke

Reverend James D. Erskine

 Given at the Tribunal Offices  
 402 Albert Street  

 [Signed] I.B. Waters



 9 March 2001  

 [Signed] A. Clifford



Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 16 October 2001.