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Ministers in Masses discussing the liturgical laws based on the 2000 Institutio Generalis

Roman Missal launch scheduled for 22 March




New Roman Missal on Sale at

The new Roman Missal is already on sale at where the publication date is given as 18 March 2002. This is prior to the press conference about it scheduled for 22 March. This is particularly surprising given what happened with the publication of the new Roman Martyrology. In that case there was a press conference on 2 October 2001 but it was not available for purchase on until 2 November 2001.

The price of the new Roman Missal is $US 194, plus postage charges.

The information provided on enables a comparison of this new Third Edition of the Roman Missal with the 1975 Second Edition:

 Roman Missal Second Edition Third Edition
 Publication Year 1975 2002
 Pages 1000 1324
 ISBN  8820908611  8820972719

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 21 March 2002.

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