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Vox Clara committee and task on 29 April 2002


1239 K Tue 23 April 2002

The latest reports on the internet inform me of what the Pope has been doing recently, which is what the first three links are about.

I think his speech to the Nigerian Bishops was important, as reported by on 22 April:

... The Pope spoke out strongly against priests whose conduct has caused scandal to the faithful, and told the visiting bishops: "you yourselves must investigate accusations of any such behavior, taking firm steps to correct it where it is found to exist." The Church's administration, he added, should always be characterized by "openness, honesty, and transparency." ...

I also learnt about the Vox Clara committee and have added a link to National Catholic Reporter on this.







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Vox Clara and Missal report by John Allen on National Catholic Reporter. I disagree with the sentence about the Missal: "Before it begins to take effect in local dioceses and parishes, however, it must be translated into the vernacular languages." Its already Church law and already taking effect.

Added 24 April 2002:

VIS report on the Vox Clara letter