Paul Kelly wrote "Dirty little secret's out" in The Australian newspaper today. Part of it is discussed as part of a solution to problems with priests.


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2142 K Sat 18 May 2002

Paul Kelly, the editor (Correction: "Editor at Large", 28 May 02) of The Australian newspaper has an article in today's paper: "Dirty little secret's out".

He writes that in Boston "the biggest story, far and away, is the crisis in the Catholic Church". I though this was particularly important:

... The priests have compromised the sacraments; indeed, they have incorporated the sacraments into their sexual self-aggrandisement. Since much of the priest's duty is conducted in secrecy, they have also compromised the priesthood in a way that makes its rehabilitation most difficult to achieve. ...

Generally the sacraments are public. People can see how the liturgy is done. Whether the rules are being followed. The rehabilitation of the priesthood involves a rehabilitation of how they perform the sacraments.

Its true: "much of the priest's duty is conducted in secrecy". But their public duties can be observed and corrected.

This should be done, to remove the conviction that priests are above the law.

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