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2216 K Mon 13 May 2002

Tonight I have been watching "Suing the Pope" about the sexual abuse by a priest in Ireland. It conveyed vividly the plight of victims and communities in this.

Father Tom Doyle struck a chord:

What makes me angry about this whole thing, is when, is the lack of justice. It's the, it's the almost arrogant, you know, self-satisfied attitude that the ecclesiastical, that the church leaders portray in the face of this incredibly horrendous criminal behaviour by priests. When they, they almost act like we're above this and how dare they make accusations against us. ....

If you know that a crime has been committed and you, you, you either look the other way or you condone it or you support the perpetrator, you share in the guilt. ...

Last night I heard Alistair Cooke's Letter From America which was also about sexual abuse by priests.

So it continues to be a big issue.

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