Supplementary Interview of Very Reverend Gerard Dowling of 26 February 2001 (from Acta Processus, In Causa Lilburne - Dowling, 301 00 165, First Instance, Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Victoria and Tasmania, pages 46 - 47):







Supplementary Interrogation of the Respondent

The Respondent, Very Reverend Gerard Patrick Dowling, gave further evidence before the Very Reverend Ian B Waters, Judical Vicar, at St Patrick's Cathedral Presbytery, East Melbourne, Victoria, on Monday, 26th February, 2001, at 9.20 a.m.

1. Will you extend the Oath you took when you last gave evidence to include your answers to the questions I am going to administer to you at the request of the petitioner?


2. Do you know if any of the rostered readers at St Patrick's Cathedral are instituted readers?

To my knowledge, they are not.

3. Do you know the Seminarian Fabian Smith? Are you aware that he is an instituted reader? What liturgical roles did he fulfil at the Cathedral?

I do know Fabian Smith. I am not aware that he is an instituted reader. At the Cathedral he was acting Sacristan.

4. Do you know the Seminarian Peter Damian McKinley? Are you aware that he is an instituted reader? On Sunday 28th January, 2001, did you concelebrate with the Archbishop, with Peter Damian McKinley as an altar server, but not reading?

I do know Peter Damian McKinley. I am not aware that he is an instituted reader. I cannot recall anything about my celebration of Mass on 28th January, 2001, whether it was with the Archbishop, and whether Peter Damian McKinely had a role in it.

5. Do you think that Canon 230.3 was breached by not using instituted readers when they were available, in the case of John Lilburne, Fabian Smith and Peter Damian McKinley?

I am not aware that I was breaching that Canon.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am happy to abide by whatever the Tribunal decides, or by whatever direction the Archbishop gives me. I have no wish to be involved in any argument or debate about this case. I have no wish to nominate witnesses, and I am happy to leave everything to the justice of the Tribunal.

St Patrick's Cathedral

Signed: Gerard Dowling

26th February, 2001

Before: I.B. Waters.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 16 October 2001.