Decree of Conclusion (from Acta Processus, In Causa Lilburne - Dowling, 301 00 165, First Instance, Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Victoria and Tasmania, page 49):







Decree of Conclusion of the Case

The Acts of the Case have been published.

As the Advocate & Procurator for the Petitioner has not indicated that she wishes to present any further proofs, and as the Respondent has stated that he wishes to remit the matter to the justice of the Tribunal without bringing forward any proofs or arguments, the conclusio in causa is hereby ordered.

The Advocate & Procurator for the Petitioner has until 16 March 2001 to submit her pleadings in the form of a brief.

The Tribunal respectfully reminds the petitioner that the point at issue is not the practice in the Archdiocese of Melbourne towards instituted lectors (as suggested on page 31), but whether the respondent has violated the rights of the petitioner (as specified on page 12).

 Given at the Tribunal Offices

[Signed] I.B. Waters




 [Signed] A. Clifford

 2 March 2001


Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 16 October 2001.