Correction to Additional Proofs of John Lilburne (from Acta Processus, In Causa Lilburne - Dowling, 301 00 165, First Instance, Tribunal of the Catholic Church, Victoria and Tasmania, page 48):







Correction to Additional Proofs of John Lilburne in Causa: Lilburne-Dowling 301 00 165

Today I saw Peter-Damien McKinley instituted as a reader at St Patrick's Cathedral, at the 11.00 am Mass. So I was incorrect in believing he had already been instituted. Hence I was wrong in writing in my Additional Proofs, page 9, that a case of an instituted reader not reading when he was available was: "Peter Damien McKinley at the 11.00 am Mass on Sunday 28 January 2001".

My belief that Peter Damien was an instituted reader was mistaken. It was based on him being a seminarian, who was senior to those in second year. It had been the intention to institute such seminarians last year, as indicated by the document submitted by Very Reverend McKenna. It now seems to me that Peter Damien was not available for the institution ceremony on 27 February 2000.

I regret this mistake in my evidence, and request that this correction be added to the Acts of the case.

Sunday 25 February 2001.


[Handwritten] Received by me on Monday, 26 Feb. 2001 at 1.50 p.m.

I.B. Waters

Presiding Judge.

Copyright J.R. Lilburne, 16 October 2001.