Canon 231 §2

"Without prejudice to the provisions of Can. 230 §1, they have the right to worthy remuneration befitting their condition, whereby, with due regard also to the provisions of the civil law, they can becomingly provide for their own needs and the needs of their families. Likewise, they have the right to have their insurance, social security and medical benefits duly safeguarded."

The Code of Canon Law: New Revised English Translation (London, Harper Collins, 1997) page 49.

"With due regard for can. 230, §1, they have a right to a decent remuneration suited to their condition; by such remuneration they should be able to provide decently for their own needs and for those of their family with due regard for the prescriptions of civil law; they likewise have a right that their pension, social security and health benefits be duly provided."

"Firmo praescripto can. 230, §1, ius habent ad honestam remunerationem suae condicioni aptatam, qua decenter, servatis quoque iuris civilis praescriptis, necessitatibus propriis ac familiae providere valeant; itemque iis ius competit ut ipsorum praevidentiae et securitati sociali et assistentiae sanitariae, quam dicunt, debite prospiciatur."

Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition (Washington, Canon Law Society of America,1983) pages 78-79.

Posted by J.R. Lilburne, 3 July 2002.