Canon 1375

"Those who hinder the freedom of the ministry or of an election or of the exercise of ecclesiastical power, or the lawful use of sacred or other ecclesiastical goods, or who intimidate either an elector or one who is elected or one who exercises ecclesiastical power or ministry, may be punished with a just penalty."

The Code of Canon Law: New Revised English Translation (London, Harper Collins, 1997) page 306.

"Those who impede the freedom of ecclesiastical ministry or election or power, or the legitimate use of sacred goods or other ecclesiastical goods, or who grossly intimidate an elector, or the elected, or the one who exercises ecclesiastical ministry or power, can be punished with a just penalty."

"Qui impediunt libertatem ministerii vel electionis vel potestatis ecclesiasticae aut legitimum bonorum sacrorum aliorumve ecclesiasticorum bonorum usum, aut perterrent electorem vel electum vel eum qui potestatem vel ministerium ecclesiasticum exercuit, iusta poena puniri possunt."

Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition (Washington, Canon Law Society of America,1983) pages 496-497.

Posted by J.R. Lilburne, 3 July 2002.