Proposition 17

It has been reported that the 2008 Synod of Bishops at the Vatican have a proposition: "It is suggested that women be allowed to be instituted lectors." ( http://www.zenit.org/article-24071?l=english ).

John Thavis provides further information:

"The issue was raised in Proposition 17 on “The ministry of the word and women,” and on Saturday morning it passed with 191 votes in favor, 45 opposed and three abstentions, according to our sources.
“It is hoped that the ministry of lector be opened also to women, so that their role as proclaimers of the word may be recognized in the Christian community,” the proposition states in its final sentence." (From http://cnsblog.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/an-opening-on-women-lectors/ ).

I find it encouraging that the issue is being addressed.

By J.R. Lilburne 27 October 2008. Updated 28 October 2008.


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Zenit article, 27 October "Synod Suggests Ministry of Lector for Women"

John Thavis article at CNS